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Chapter 1.

The Basics

Chapter 2.

Sanding and Prep

Chapter 3.

Coloring Systems

Chapter 4.

Special Effects

Chapter 5.


Chapter 6.

Solvent Based Finishes

Chapter 7.

Waterborne Finishes

Chapter 8.

Polyurethanes and Polyesters

Chapter 9.

Buffing, Polishing and Rubbing

Chapter 10.

Finish Problems

Chapter 11.

Spray Guns

Chapter 12.

Compressed Air Systems

Chapter 13.

Spray Booths

Chapter 14.

Safety and Environmental

Chapter 15.


Chapter 16.

The Finishing Business

Chapter 17.


Chapter 18.

Formulas and Charts

Chapter 19.


Chapter 20.

Glossary of Terms

Chapter 21.





Wood Finishing 2.0 The Business of Finishing Wood

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Wood Finishing 2.0 is a veritable textbook written for woodworking and wood finishing professionals. This book is unique because it approaches the subject of wood finishing not just as technical skill but also as a business. It strives to give both the finisher and the business management the tools necessary to produce a consistent, high quality product while enhancing the bottom line.


The first half of the book is a technical guide to the entire finishing process from sanding thru buffing. It explains the various coatings, stain systems, tools and techniques used in a production finishing environment. Both waterborne and solvent based coatings and stain systems are covered.


The second half of the book covers the often overlooked business topics. Subjects such as: estimating, scheduling, contracts, and quality control are reviewed. There are also discussions on dealing with customers, employee relations, training and the importance of team development.  All of these are issues that can have a major impact on product quality and profitability.


Ron Bryze is an Industrial Engineer with a 38 year background in the wood finishing industry. For the last 10 years he has consulted with hundreds of woodworking companies on their finishing practices. He is also the author of The College of Wood Finishing Knowledge, has produced numerous training videos for professional wood finishers and teaches classes on a variety of finishing subjects.



Wood Finishing 2.0 is a soft cover edition printed on glossy paper. It is 360 pages long and contains over 500 photographs.


2012 Ron Bryze


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