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Many people complain that their finishing department is a production bottleneck or that it never seems to make any money. This section will look at some key elements, both in and out of the spray room that impacts a company’s profitability. It will emphasize that spreadsheets as well as spray guns are both important tools in the finishing process and that communication is the key to a healthy bottom line.

Why you never seem to make money Don't Rock the Boat
Begin assessing your finishing operation - The Finisher Man, Tools and Materials
Assessing your finishing operation - Tools Finishing Tools
Assessing your finishing operation - Materials Finishing Materials
Taking control of your finish department Taking Control
Developing your wood finishing estimating system Estimating Systems - Part 1

The soul of your wood finishing estimating system

Estimating systems - Part 2

Putting it all together

Putting it all together
Getting many returns for your investment of time in  making color samples Color Samples
Some of the unique business issues associated with waterborne finishes Waterborne Finishes _Business Issues
Safety and Compliance Safety and Compliance