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Ron Bryze has a very unique 30 year background in the furniture and cabinetry business. His work has been commissioned by the Library of Congress, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and three historic residences designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The scope of his work spans the restoration and conservation of several buildings listed in The National Register of Historic Places to the fabrication of state of the art recording studios. He often found himself developing finishing schedules replicating the 19th century one day and the 21st century the next.


Ron has presented specialty finishing seminars for the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing of the University of British Columbia, the Cabinet Manufacturers Association and for the Architectural Woodworking Institute. He was part of the AWI committee that developed the current Factory Finishing section for the AWI Cost Book and is on the skills standards committee of the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America.


To compliment his practical background, he also holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Bradley University. He has developed numerous training videos and software applications for the wood finishing industry. He is also the author of The College of Wood Finishing Knowledge and Wood Finishing 2.0.