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Wood Finishing 301

The Business of Finishing Wood

If you feel that your finishing department is your production bottleneck

 or that your finishing operation always looses money

                   ...Then you need to be at this class


Wood Finishing 301

The Business of Finishing Wood

While Wood Finishing 101 and 202 focuses on the technical aspects of finishing; this class is all about the money. This target audience of this class is managers and owners, but everyone is  welcome. It will look at ways to help you not only increase your productivity but your quality and sales as well. We will discuss estimating, contracts, and customer relations. Learn new ways of marketing and managing the finishing side of your business. Learn just how big of an impact your paperwork has on your finishing department and bottom line.



This Ain’t Your Ordinary School Day

This Ain’t Your Ordinary Teacher

Some of the class topics include:


 · Why you need to understand the “system” of finishing wood

· Developing a team approach to your finishing system

· Important tool and material considerations

· Educating your customer to improve your bottom line

· Contracts - you already know everything you need to know

· Samples - one of your most valuable assets

· Education and Training - for you and your finishers

· Your estimating system - does it really work

· Safety and Environmental Compliance - cheap insurance

· Developing solutions and implementing change

Ron Bryze

Ron holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Bradley University and has a very unique 35+ year background in the furniture and cabinetry business. As a business owner his work has had national exposure with commissions ranging from  residences designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to institutions such as the Library of Congress.

Ron has presented specialty finishing seminars for the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing of the University of British Columbia, the Architectural Woodworking Institute and The Cabinet Makers Association. He also helped develop the current Factory Finishing section for the Architectural Woodworking Institute Cost Book and is on the skills standards committee of the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America. He is also the author of The College of Wood Finishing Knowledge and  Wood Finishing 2.0.


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