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Pack & Stack

While a finish may feel dry to the touch in a matter of hours, this does not mean that it is ready to travel.

  • Finish should be dry for a minimum of 48 hours before being packed and stacked

  • Longer in humid weather

  • Longer for glazed & full-fill finishes

  • Most wood finishes take 30 days to fully cure and harden

  • Never stack pieces “finish to finish” without a protective layer between

  • Always use plain paper or a closed cell foam between layers when bundling multiple shelves, doors or panels

  • Never use corrugated cardboard between layers – it will leave an imprint

  • Never use newspaper between layers as the ink may transfer onto the finished piece

  • Whenever possible ship bundles of shelves, doors or panels on edge rather than laying flat

  • Never leave newly finished products in a truck for an extended period of time

  • Summer heat can cause freshly finished pieces to stick together or to leave an imprint from their wrapper

  • Winter cold can cause freshly finished pieces to cold check and crack

  • Store shelves, doors or panels standing on end at the jobsite rather than laying flat.

  • Cut the tape or wrapper on bundles as soon as possible after the product is delivered to relieve pressure

  •  Make sure moving pads and blankets are clean and free of debris


By Ron Bryze at