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I personally like the 2 part bleaches. Start by giving your wood a quick rough sand with a 100 grit paper, this gives the wood a uniform texture and gets rid of any burnished areas. Apply the Part A liberally to the wood and it is important to keep it wet. The wood will turn a dark brown. Next apply the Part B, again a liberal coat - don't play with it, just get it on quickly. Move the bleach around and keep it wet. After a few minutes you might want to apply a little more Part B. let the bleach dry. The next day wash the bleached surfaces with water and 15% vinegar solution to neutralize the bleach. Let dry 1-3 days before finish sanding.

Things to watch out for:

If bleach splashes on something the spot is there forever, even if you bleach the object it will always be lighter than the surrounding surface so.....bleach both sides of a door at the same time, and on vertical surfaces start from the bottom and work up. Keep unbleached items out of the way until you are ready to bleach them.

Use separate rags for Part A and Part B to avoid diluting the solutions. Avoid letting the rags come in contact with each other.

When sanding wear dust masks and rubber gloves, any moisture, like sweat or your moist breath will reactivate the bleach and cause a burn - even though it was neutralized.

Watch your sanding so you don't sand thru the color.

Make sure the wood is totally dry before proceeding to your sanding steps.

The Part B is an oxidizer and will cause steel to rust. This includes nails, screws or tools that happen to be close by.

Safety precautions are a must. Good ventilation, goggles-not glasses, aprons and gloves. Have a bucket of the vinegar solution near by incase you get splashed; it takes a while to notice the pain and an even longer time to make it stop. Have sawdust available to sprinkle on the floor if it gets slippery. Always wash your hands before going to the bathroom.

Bleaching is smelly, dangerous stuff. Plan things out, make safety first and be sure you charge for your efforts and risks.